• May 01, 2017
The last legislative session is behind us and we're already working on the next one!  Here are a few items we have been busy with.

WHAT WE'VE DONE - In the last session: FACT monitored over 1,000 bills pertaining to eminent domain, ad valorem tax, and generally accepted appraisal practice. FACT helped push through legislation updating AMC statues, complaints to be resolved informally, easing administrative burdens, preserving confidentiality, and dedicating collected funds to appraiser education. WHAT WE'RE DOING: In preparation for the next legislative session, FACT is: Working to create legislation for a Statute of Limitation on prior appraisals. This has been done in Tennessee, Minnesota and Oregon and we plan to have Texas be next! Working to make the TALCB process more educational and less punitive. Reaching out to other industry stakeholders to see where we can work together on bills. None of this can happen without our lobbyist advancing our legislative agenda to decision makers at the State Capitol. It's vitally important that we each make a personal investment on FACTPAC, the political action committee for FACT. Our fundraising goal for 2017-2018 is $20,000, and we ask for your help in reaching that goal. Click this link to donate to FACTPAC, including a monthly payment option. No matter the amount, every dollar counts. Your help is appreciated as FACT continues to be the voice of all Texas appraisers.

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